FEMtools Benefits

FEMtools is used by
  • End users  - FEA analysts, test engineers,...
  • Developers - Application developers and integrators, engineering consultants,...
  • Researchers - Academic researchers, education, R&D engineers,...

For each of these users profiles, FEMtools offers specific benefits.

Benefits for End Users

  • Standard Tools - All tools that are needed for true test-analysis correlation and FE model updating are included.
  • Open Environment - Using FEMtools Script, the end user, partners or subcontractors can customize existing tools, develop new proprietary tools or integrate existing in-house tools.
  • Flexible - FEMtools is modular and can easily be customized. For FEA, internal tools are available to run stand-alone or the user can continue to use the external FEA tool that he is familiar with.
  • Practical - FEMtools has been designed to work with many different types of finite element models. There are no limitations in model size. FEMtools fits into existing CAE environments. It uses test data and FEA data coming from other programs.
  • Availability - Native versions of FEMtools are available on all hardware platforms that are popular for CAE applications.
  • Easy-to-Use - FEMtools delivers ease-of-use without sacrificing powerful functionality. FEMtools offers a intuitive graphical user interface and a powerful, free-formatted command language, that is easy to learn and to memorize. Online documentation and context-sensitive help support the user.
  • Proven Technology - FEMtools is the result of many years of continuous research and development by a dedicated team of engineers and programmers, and still ongoing.

Benefits for Developers

  • Faster development - Programming of new functionality with FEMtools Script is done outside the core FEMtools source code. No complete builds of the entire FEMtools program are required to use new additions. Script programmers can focus on their own source code only and on the interaction with the FEMtools database.
  • Solid code - The programming language and API provide a layer between the raw FEMtools database and applications. This reduces the risk of corrupting the database.
  • Development through partnerships - By using a common development platform and by working outside of the FEMtools source code, it becomes easier to develop new functions in collaboration with partners or subcontractors.
  • Easy to use and learn - If you already know Basic, Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications, FEMtools Script will be very familiar.
  • Generate Business by Adding Value - Keep your focus on your own technology and reduce the burden of keeping your application compatible with the newest versions of hardware, operating systems, and third party analysis tools. If you are developing FEA-based applications, FEMtools gives you a head start because you can re-use many existing tools and immediately work on the unique value you want to add. You can generate business by selling the extensions and provide related service to your customers.

Benefits for Researchers

  • Rapid prototyping - New ideas can be tested on real-life data, not only on simple didactic models
  • Collaborative Research - By using a common development platform, it becomes easier to develop new functions in collaboration with other researchers and industrial partners
  • Re-use Components - As a researcher, the challenge is in developing new things, not in reinventing what is already available. FEMtools saves time because many commonly used tools like data interfaces, graphics, and solvers can be reused and need not to be developed from scratch. FEMtools integrates with other commercial analysis software and programming tools that may already be in use and thus provides an flexible environment to reuse or add value to those tools.