Licensing and Pricing Information

FEMtools pricing is function of:

For a quotation, contact DDS or a FEMtools Solutions Partner in your area with a description of your specific environment and software requirements.

Annual Licenses

An annual license has a fee for use of the FEMtools software for a period of 12 months and includes software maintenance and technical support.

Paid-up Licenses

A paid-up license (also sometimes referred to as perpetual license) has a one-time fee for use of the FEMtools software for an indefinite period. Software maintenance and technical support for the first 12 months are included.

Nodelocked Licenses

A nodelocked license allows FEMtools products to be installed and run on a single designated computer. Nodelocked licenses can be locked to a dongle or using a system-dependent fingerprint number.

Network Licenses

FEMtools products can be licensed to run on any computer in a local area network. A designated computer runs a license manager that holds a number of licenses. The license manager services license requests from client computers over the network and grants or denies the requests based on what is specified in the license and the current usage conditions. Network licenses are sometimes also referred to as floating or concurrent licenses.

A roaming license is a network license that is temporarily locked to a specific (portable) computer. After the license is installed, the portable computer can be removed from the network and FEMtools can be used for the given number of days on the standalone computer.

Licenses for Academic Use

Significant discounts are available for FEMtools licenses used by academic or non-profit organizations.

Special low cost annual license options are available for nodelocked or network licenses that include software upgrades, and support. The software can be configured for unlimited model size or for models with up to 50000 nodes.

Developer Licenses

FEMtools Developer Partners develop new FEMtools-based applications using the FEMtools Script language. They receive significant developer support and developer licenses.